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Ali Christie’s art is enriched by her professional standing as an Art Director of ‘real life’ magazines.  Her creative practice plays in the space between personal narratives and the public’s appetite for autobiographic revelation.  Everyday imagery and stories are consciously dramatized as the humorous, tragic and ‘unbelievable’ are accentuated.  Christie’s artistry manipulates the viewer’s own assumptions and pre-conceptions about those perhaps different from themselves.  In doing so, she reveals the voyeurism and abject pleasure that drives us to know about the difficulties of others. 


Christie pursues her fascination with typography through subverting the magazine format. Digitally removed from its everyday function, the type she has expertly handled for over 35 years is distorted.  The layered image and drawings that result, are frequently inspired by the artist’s imaginative exploration of paranormal and psychic worlds. 

alison christie

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